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In a story that sounds eerily similar to the plot of Breaking Bad, two Arkansas chemistry professors were arrested last week for allegedly making methamphetamine.

Terry David Bateman and Bradley Allen Rowland, both associate chemistry professors at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, were apprehended on Friday (Nov. 15). Batemen, 40, and Rowland, 40, were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and using drug paraphernalia, according to the Clark County Sherrif’s Department.

Yes, these two guys thought they were the real-life Walter White. Of the two, currently, Rowland is out on bond. Both professors have been on administrative leave since October 11, according to Tina Hall, the university’s associate vice president marking and communications.

The university’s science center was closed early last month due to a “report of an undetermined chemical odor”. Initial tests revealed there was “an elevated presence of benzyl chloride,” a chemical that can be used to help produce meth in a lab. The building was later reopened on October 29th after a third party tester indicated that it met “all recommendations for occupancy.”

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