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This morning the world woke up to the heartbreaking news that Hollywood legend and comedic icon John “Pops” Witherspoon had passed away. While many of today’s generation may not be too familiar with his illustrious career, we fondly looking back at the many moments he gave us over the decades that filled us with joy and tears of laughter.

From introducing the whole “whip that p*ssy” notion (it was the 90’s) and teaching us how to “coooordinate” in Eddie Murphy’s romance comedy classic Boomerang, to dropping gems about what being a man requires in Ice Cube’s timeless Friday, “Pops” Witherspoon constantly gave us jewels to remember and things to think about.

Here are 10 of John Witherspoon’s most memorable moments.

In Eddie Murphy’s 1992 cult classic Boomerang we weren’t just re-introduced to the timeless beauty of Halle Berry (she was still making a name for herself back then), but we were also put on to how to “cooordinate” and “whip that p*ssy” courtesy of John Witherspoon. It. Was. Everything.


Even in cartoon form you couldn’t help but visualize Mr. Witherspoon as the wisecracking grandfather you wish you had.


Even in the midst of all these voluptuous models, Pops was still able to steal the show…kinda anyway.


In the Hip-Hop classic House Party, John Witherspoon assumed the role of the disgruntled “get off my lawn” type of old man and referred to Public Enemy as “Public Enema.” It was hilarious.


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