On Tha Radar Update 102320

Source: Avery Green / Radio One Digital

We all know rappers and artists who believe they have the hot track, that they have the hardest song out and it needs to be heard. That’s why The Box has launched a brand new platform for artists to not only submit music to be rated by their peers but also, to have the opportunity to win prizes as well!

It’s called ON THA RADAR and here’s how you can submit music and join. Go to and type in “Get Started”. From there, you can join as a curator or an artist. If you’re an artist, you can submit music for $20 and be entered into the platform. Curators can vote on your track and whoever has the top track for the month wins our announced prize for that month!

Note, submitting your track DOES NOT MEAN YOUR SONG WILL BE PLAYED ON AIR OR GET AIRPLAY.  Submitting your track puts you in our system and it is up to the curators to decide if you have the hottest track or simply put, if you’re ON THA RADAR.

Need help? Check out our FAQs on the platform as well simply by typing HELP when prompted.

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