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Meek Mill

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Today is a good day to be Meek Mill.

A Philadelphia appeals court has thrown out the rapper’s decade-old conviction in a drug and gun case, meaning he is no longer on probation. The unanimous three-judge opinion Wednesday grants the rapper, born Robert Williams a new trial due to new evidence of alleged police corruption.

The Pennsylvania Superior Court also overturned the trial judge’s parole violation that sent the “Dreams & Nightmares” rapper to prison for five months in 2017.

The news arrives on the same day he and Roc Nation boss Jay-Z announce that the Dream Chasers label Meek founded will now be under the Roc Nation umbrella. Meek will oversee the label and build a staff to sign and develop artists.

“Everything he has done leading up to this point shows he is ready to [lead] the next generation. We look at the big picture — this is way beyond signing artists and having hot records,” Jay-Z said in a statement.

He added, “When Meek and I connected, we connected on a level beyond him being a great rapper. Just who he is, his honesty, his sense of responsibility. He just came out of a situation and pulled people together. He turned a negative thing into something positive. I know he can make music — you’ve heard it. I think he cannot only make music, but make stars. Not only make stars but make films. What we lacked for so long was opportunity. We didn’t own our businesses. We’ve never been in this position before, never had this sort of power. Hip-hop is 40-something years old so we’ve just now gotten to the point where we can really affect change. The music and culture we created — we’ve given it away for so long. It’s understandable. You have to clean the floors before you own the building.”

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