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"Hustlers" movie stills

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After a few months of anticipation, the debut trailer for Hustlers, the upcoming Jennifer Lopez Constance WuCardi B strip & steal movie is here and it definitely feels like a fresh take on the heist movie. Well, if you’re robbing people like Wall Street bankers who, kind of deserve cosmic comeuppance for how they handled the financial crisis in 2008.

The film, based on the story “The Hustlers At Scores” written by Jessica Pressler, the film follows Destiny (Wu) as she attempts to provide by any means for her family. Not long after starting a new job as an exotic dancer she meets Ramona (Lopez), who drops probably the money quote of the movie, “When I was a kid, I wanted to work with animals … I was close.”

Well, here’s the subtle introduction to their whole crew with Keke Palmer, Cardi, Lizzo (throw them stripper heels!), Lili Reinhart and more. Ramona then hatches a plan, scam the rich, unsuspecting high rollers that come into the club. In true come up fashion, money is spent, the word “family” is introduced, the Feds (Julia Stiles) come into play and well … s**t gets crazy.

Peep the trailer below. Hustlers hits theaters on September 13.

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