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This week on “The Real,” the ladies spoke about a topic that comes up quite often on the show. Good sex. Jeannie was saying that she really appreciates the way men open up conversationally after they’ve been physically, sexually satisfied.

In response, Adrienne Bailon wondered if any of the other ladies had experienced a man being so emotionally overcome that he shed tears.

Jeannie: When a man is in bed with you and he’s happy and he’s satisfied, he opens up and there’s thing and you get to talk to him about things where he’s not trying so hard. He’s just being him.

Adrienne: Anybody ever cried after? I love that. That’s bomb.

Tamera: Oh, the guys cries?

Adrienne: They’re just overwhelmed with how much they love you, or how they feel about you or how bomb you were. They’re just like, sniffles. ‘That was amazing. God is good.’ This is going to get weird. Have you ever seen the movie Stella Got Her Groove Back and she’s in the shower and she sheds a tear. Has that ever happened to you?

Tamera: Cuz it was so good…Yeah.

Adrienne: I can’t be the only one. It’s not like [sob] literally a tear just comes out of your eye. I don’t even know how it happens.

Jeannie: I don’t know if I cry. Because in that moment and it’s so good and you’re happy it’s like, ‘Yes Hunnay!’

Adrienne: You’ve never been so tense where just one tear.. it’s not like an intentional…it’s not emotional.

Jeannie: No, no.

Adrienne: I pray that upon your life. I really do.


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The story blew up because you know, sex is salacious and we often don’t think about men connecting to sex emotionally. But according to several sources, it’s a normal occurrence. And the reasons for the tears are varied.

According to, tears during or after sex are quite common. They could be tears of joy, relief, melancholy, or they could be—as Adrienne stated— a purely physical reaction.

You can be overcome by your emotions and the physical release, coupled with the emotions you feel for that person could result in tears. maybe you’re grateful for the physical sensations you’ve just experienced. I think we underestimate how big of a role human touch plays in our lives.

Then there’s the reverse where feelings of uncertainty, instability or regret can result in not so happy tears.

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The occurrence is so common that there is a scientific name for the condition. Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD) or postcoital tristesse (PCT). Symptoms include tearfulness, sadness and irritability after consensual sex.

The tears could be the result of painful sex, anxiety about the relationship or the act, and triggers from past trauma, depression, and even the drastic shift in hormonal changes being so sharp, it produces tears.

Have you ever cried during sex? Have you ever made or seen a man cry after the deed is done?

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