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The gang’s back in the A on tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. We begin with Stevie, Mimi, Bambi, Scrappy, Rasheeda, and Kirk kicking it. Rasheeda rehashes her problem with Jasmine again. It doesn’t help that Jasmine has been talking smack on social media about Rasheeda, and Kirk hasn’t even told Rasheeda that he has been directly in touch with Jasmine lately. This is going to go swimmingly once it all hits the fan.

As we all know by now, Yung Joc as a salon called Eshelon. His business partner, Sharonda, is the one who gave him all those wacky hairstyles that kept blowing up the #TheBlogs. Anyway, Joc has been having issues with Sharonda. He’s the investor, but she’s the one who runs the shop. Apparently, she doesn’t get along with Kendra, Joc’s girl, or anyone for that matter. She has run stylists out of the shop and is running his investment into the ground. That’s Joc’s side of the story so he asks Shekinah to check on the shop for him. Then we touch on Joc being tight that Kendra doesn’t want to have kids with him.

He got some nerve, but anyway, he still plans to propose so that’s that, for now.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Shekinah goes to the salon and there’s not even a receptionist on duty. Sharonda get an attitude, of course, when this is brought up. She also tells Shekinah that they don’t need a receptionist.

And if she’s so pressed about that then she can do it herself. Then Sharonda decides to take a break and let Shekinah handle things.

Shekinah gives Joc the bleak report about how unprofessional his business partner actually is, but agrees to have a heart to heart with her. Then Shekinah calls Joc during her break and starts going off on him. Joc is actually ziplining in the woods with the fellas. Speaking of the fellas, they rightfully question his relationship with Sharonda because there’s a lot of tension between them and knowing Joc, it could be sexual tension. Joc denies ever having relations with Sharonda, but you know he gets down.

Do we believe it or nah?

Shekinah catches Sharonda after her break, in a calmer state, and asks her what all the tension is about. Sharonda says it’s because Joc creates favoritism amongst stylists and gets inappropriate with them. We will finish this situation next week because you know Shekinah is about to go around gossiping.

Finally, we end the episode with Karlie Redd and Mo attempting to get therapy from Dr. Jeff Gardere. It ends with Karlie telling Mo he doesn’t support her. Mo takes off his ring and storms out. Jeff stays behind with Karlie and tells her not to allow disrespect, to keep her dignity, and move on. Then they end with a hug and Karlie will probably have a new man by next week.


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