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Emiaral Sol Sol Soliloquies Cover

Source: Russell Guess / 11:11 Concepts

Sol Soliloquies is an album about purpose. About not doing a disservice to the very reason why you were planted on the Earth. Emiaral Sol has traveled between Austin, Houston and beyond pushing these songs and these moments, ideas of laughing with girlfriends about a man who was in over his head, of love, trust, self-reflection and more.

They’re the thoughts and embodiment of a journey both Sol and her chief producer, Guess have undertaken for years. For every snare and kick, they tinkered with vocal inflection and song writing. For the pair, everything had to come with a taste of urgency towards it. “Y,” the lead single from the project lands in jabs with percussion and Sol’s timber climbing on top, “It’s time you knew of just what you could do if you love you.”

The album reaches towards ideas of freedom and fun. “U.A.F.A.N.,” spools out from being a relaxing and tranquil moment to a piece of turn up and sass. Of gathering up friends to laugh away the pain and the audacity of some people. “Time Travel” enlists T.A.M.E. for a futuristic two step with progressive chords and Sol picking up a slippery rap flow in the process. When it comes time to firmly plant the ideas down for “Greenthumb,” Eimaral and Guess are firmly in their own spaced-out, starry kind of pocket. Here, it’s not the world she doubts, the cruelty of those who cannot see their own potential and would rather be destructive with their gifts. No, this go round it is a potential lover. “Careful who I let in – they ain’t always who they show you,” she sings.

Who knew, an album based around individual ideas centered upon a universal one — keep that same energy.

Stream the full project below and watch the “Y” video below.