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Model Bee Starr

Source: Leon Prevost / Radio One Houston

Hardbody Kiotti checking in with another exclusive interview! Sometimes you see the rise of certain individuals and you have to give them the platform to tell their stories. A lot of time as brands and entrepreneurs, sometimes we gotta know how to be prepared.

Model Bee Starr isn’t just another pretty face with followers on Instagram, she’s a businesswoman. Now, Houston may not be a full-on fashion capital or major boutique like say Dallas but Model Bee Starr says she’s gonna change that. Lingerie lines, putting life-changing opportunities in other women’s hands, the sky’s the limit for her.

Watch our full convo below where she breaks down how she got into the fashion game after other brands kept sending her items, why it was important for her to stand out beyond being beautiful, opening up her own brick and mortar store and more. You might learn a gem or two or even get down with the winning team. #RadioBoss

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