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Hot Girl Meg aka Megan Thee Stallion may have been touched by the hand of God to do amazing things.

In a brand new interview with Okayplayer, the “Big Ole Freak” rapper detailed why she’s such a big anime fan, her reaction to everyone joining her side after a recent interview appeared to have gone sideways and more. One of the bigger reveals? She and A Tribe Called Quest‘s own Q-Tip are not only good friends, Tip actually is one of Megan’s mentors!

Tip was on Thee Stallion wave early, even comparing her to Nas. “We got like a real mysterious e-mail, and the e-mail is one of those things where they say it’s from someone famous who wants to get into communication with you. And I’m like, “Momma that sound funny, I don’t think we should reply,” she says of their initial interaction.

She continued, “I don’t even know why my momma would reply but whatever made her reply I’m glad she did because it actually wound up being Q-Tip. I think they exchanged numbers so when they got on the phone and everything his assistant was like, “Oh, yes it’s Q-Tip and he loves Meg and whoopty whoop.” It just all started from there, and we were on the phone for like an hour. He is just so supportive and he loves the way I rap and he really rocked with me. So every time I go to New York I have to hang with him. He’s like a mentor. He’s just amazing. Everything that I put out I probably let him listen to it before I put it out just so I can hear him gas me so I know I’m on the right path. He’s a pioneer. So, the stamp of approval from him means a lot.”

To make it even crazier, video surfaced today of Megan and Q-Tip riding around in NYC as they jammed Max B together.

Megan also clarified on social media earlier this week that despite rumors of her signing to Atlantic Records, she’s still very much signed to 300 Entertainment and 1501 Certified. Read the full Okayplayer interview here.

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