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Gucci is going to learn today. Several rappers have decided to put their money where their mouth is and shun the brand.

Last week, the luxury retailer advertised a blatantly bigoted and distasteful sweater that invoked blackface vibes. Naturally the polarizing garment was met with disgust specifically with people of color. The backlash was so deafening it caused Gucci to immediately remove it from their e-site and issue an apology.

Still the lack of sensitivity and common sense has caused many prominent figures in Hip-Hop to cease spending money with the Italian based company. T.I. took the charge as he not only voiced his frustration but also came up with a game plan for the people. The “Live Your Life” rapper put together a call to action asking everyone to stop purchasing and wearing their product.

Soulja Boy, who has become synonymous for wearing a Gucci headband, also confirmed he will no longer be sporting their pricey gear. “Smh what is this man? 🤦🏾‍♂️ no more @gucci headbands for me. Who’s responsible for this? Because it’s not funny! At all!”

Russell Simmons also wrote a very lengthy post regarding how mass market retails purposely killed off many Black-owned fashion brands he helped inspire and create. “One day Macy’s began buying all of our top brands We thought that was a breakthrough or a “good sign” (Being accepted by our oppressor who hated and looked down on us ) Then they discounted us all and intentionally killed all the black businesses that we fed” he theorized.

After almost a week of silence Dapper Dan, who has a partnership with Gucci, finally addressed the disrespect saying he has personally contacted the owner to discuss the fashion faux pas in person. “I will hold everyone accountable” he claimed.

Photo: Maury Phillips/Getty Images for BET

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