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If you’ve peeped either Netflix or Hulu this week, chances are you saw either documentary about Fyre Festival, the ill-fated music festival in the Bahamas where investors were frauded out of millions and tons of Instagram influencers were stuck out on an island with little food. Ja Rule and Billy McFarland were co-founders of the festival and they’ve been getting slander over their actions ever since.

Netflix’s FYRE does feature the most outlandish statement of either documentary with an exec saying McFarland asked him to take one for the team and perform oral sex on another man for water but Hulu’s FYRE FRAUD is just as crazy because McFarland interviewed for it and they go through every single lie he told.

Well, Ja Rule isn’t too pleased with either documentary, blasting them on Twitter Sunday. “I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers,” he wrote. He then added, “Hulu PAID BILLY!!! That money should have went to the ppl in the Bahamas,” he wrote. “Netflix PAID f*** Jerry who also did all the promo for the festival. the docs clearly have Billy at fault but let’s blame the rapper lmao ok.”

Both documentaries show Ja co-directing the initial marketing campaign and also reveal a recording after the events of the festival where Ja says, “That’s not fraud, that’s not fraud. False advertising, maybe.” Ja also apologized on Twitter in the aftermath of Fyre spinning out of control saying that the festival was “NOT A SCAM” and “NOT MY FAULT.”

McFarland is the only one of the two who has pled guilty to any crimes. He was sentenced to six years in prison for making false statements to investors and sharing fraudulent documents. He also pled guilty to charges of of wire fraud and money laundering after being accused of selling fraudulent tickets to events such as the Grammys, Coachella, the Met Gala, and more.

See Ja’s tweets below.

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