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It’s the Power season five finale and tonight’s episode is definitely one for the WTF Books! We pick back up with Angela, her lawyer, and the feds. As we know the feds are hemming Angie up on RICO charges because they think she colluded with James on a variety of crimes. Angie’s lawyer is trying to get immunity but the feds turn that down. The best they can do is disbarment and witness protection. She wants 24 hours to think things through and in that time she’s trying to figure out how to get out of this, of course.


Terry Silver pops up again and tries to get a second chance with Tasha. He apologizes for accusing her of lying about Ghost and explains that Ghost threatened to expose their relationship. Tasha eventually decides to keep him close because guess what? He’s actually working with the feds. Basically, he’s trying to protect Tasha and wants to get her to flip on James. Tasha ain’t no fool and while she probably won’t flip on James, she still needs Silver in her corner so she does what she can to keep him in pocket.

Tasha, Ghost, Tommy, and Angela all meet up at the latter three’s former high school and Angie breaks down the RICO charges. They all check her for a wire first because you know how feds try to get everyone to flip. Plus, no one trusts each other at this point. They move forward after discovering that she is wire free and explains that the feds are trying to pin Mike Sandoval’s murder among other things on them. The only kinda sorta good news is that if the feds would have all arrested them a long time ago if they had any proof. Moving forward, their plan as a group is to respectively scare anyone in their lives who the feds would try to get to flip. Angela also mentions that she has a plan.

Next, we find Dre at home getting it on with his babymama while his daughter is asleep in the next room. They almost get assassinated by Jimenez goons, but Dre and his baby mama don’t play those games. They are freakishly stealthy and manage to take out the assassins first!


Relax, the baby is okay. So, baby Dre and her mom go to grandma’s house while Dre heads straight to Angela because he needs that immunity deal and some protection. Angela says she will help him if he implicates Alicia Jimenez in a couple of murders. We all know which murders those are.


Later on, Dre makes the silly decision to explain what’s going on with him to one of his goons — the one who was a double agent for Kanan. He also says that he’s not going to say what Angela wants. Instead, plans to turn over Tommy and Ghost. The fact that he’s going to snitch obviously doesn’t sit right so that same double crossing goon tells Tommy what Dre plans to do and then reveals that Kanan stopped Dre executing the hit that Ghost ordered on Jason, which obviously makes Tommy not trust Ghost even more because he didn’t know about plans for killing Jason (who is his connect) in the first place. The goon also mentions that he wants do business with Tommy because he got people and no drugs while Tommy got drugs and no people to move the weight. Plus, Dre is now a common enemy so Tommy is down with making a new plan to clip Dre. Hold that thought.

Terry heads to Tasha’s house again and urges her to file for divorce now because indictments are coming down in a few days. If she initiates the divorce now, the feds will offer her immunity to testify against him. Tasha plays dumb, of course. This is a long line of people being encouraged to flip. Saxe tries to get Keisha to get Tommy to flip on Ghost (Keisha plays dumb though). They want Ghost to flip on Tommy. The feds press Councilman Tate too! It’s like when Oprah gave out cars, but with potential immunity deals instead.


Proctor tries to get James to flip on Angela. He also mentions to James that Saxe was spotted talking to Terry Silver. Silver can link all of them to Sandoval through Angie. James refuses to burn Angela, and if you think about it, that’s the least he can do for her. Then Proctor tries to get James to tell the feds that Teresi told Tommy that Sandoval was in jail and that Tommy was the one who told Teresi to mirk Sandoval. That version of events leaves Ghost, Proctor and Angela, and makes Silver look like a liar. James isn’t sure he can trust Proctor either and he dang sure doesn’t want to give up Tommy. Proctor once again tries to convince him to let Angela go and it’s just not happening.


Maria Suarez, the woman who was blindfolded next to her boyfriend that time James killed him, resurfaces. She’s still traumatized by Ghost’s voice and wanted to pursue testifying but the feds couldn’t use her because voice recognition isn’t enough. Anyway, she’s at a groundbreaking ceremony for the Queens Child Project, where Councilman Tate announces his gubernatorial run and then James gives a speech. James/Ghost’s voice obviously it freaks her out again and leads to another PTSD meltdown. Hold that thought.

Speaking of freak outs, James confronts Tasha about not telling him that Terry was back in town and that he’s working with the feds. He demands that stay away from him and of course, Tasha says she will. But we all know…


Now we’re with Tommy and Keisha. Keisha does not rock with Tasha anymore for asking her to lie to the feds again, but when Tommy asks her to do it she’s all with it.


That’s great for her because Tommy almost slaughtered her. He was literally holding on to a gun (out of her eyeshot), ready to shoot if she didn’t agree to ride with them. Anyway, Keisha doesn’t think flipping on Ghost is a bad idea since Ghost is so selfish and the feds believe Ghost killed Teresi anyway. Later on, Saxe shows up so Tommy tells Keisha to hide. Basically, Saxe tries to get him to flip again on Angela and Ghost before they flip on him and reiterates the story about Ghost killing Teresi. Tommy plays hardball but Saxe plays a recording of Teresi trying to snitch on Ghost instead of Tommy. Tommy falls apart after Saxe leaves and Keisha comforts him. She also figures out the obvious, which is that he killed his father. Tommy confirms her suspicions and reveals that he’s broken because he didn’t believe his dad. Keisha adds that this is another reason they need to get away from Ghost and Tasha. Then Tommy gets that crazy look in his eyes, you know the look, and dashes out.


Terry finds Tasha again. He follows her to a parking lot (remember that detail) and we know what he’s trying to do. This time she reveals she knows he’s trying to get her to turn. Silver says working with the feds is the only way he’ll have the credibility enough to save her and that she really should save herself and flip on Ghost because she owes him nothing. Very true, but we all know that Tasha isn’t going to send the father of her children to jail. She asks Terry to find someone else to burn. Proctor, perhaps? Hold that thought though.

Tommy works with Angela to set up the Dre ambush. We all know that Dre knows how to get out of these situations alive. So what happens is, Dre goes to a remote location thinking he’s going to meet with Angela and then the shooters pop out. A shootout ensues, and Dre manages to dive out of a window after getting shot in the leg (Tommy had to make it seem like he was actually trying to shoot Dre in front of Dre’s double agent goon buddy), and ends up snatched into an armored truck by Angela’s boy toy. Remember the mysterious US Marshall that shut down the first Jimenez arrest attempt? Him! So, he forces Dre to sign Angela’s agreement, which could potentially make all of this go away.

Now we’re at an office hearing where Saxe and Mak find out that the Marshalls have Dre as the witness. Angela’s lawyer and Silver’s lawyers are there, but for some reason, Silver isn’t there. He was supposed to show up. It’s not like him to not show up to things like this.


He’ll also still need to appear in court.

But anyway, Mak is tired of the goose chase and decides to pack up and leave because he got the job in DC that Angie recommended him for. Saxe tries to convince him to stay. And plans to keep this going balls to the wall, but Mak is out.

Everyone’s suspicions are on high so we don’t know what to expect when Tasha shows up to Angela’s apartment. Things take a turn when Angela tells her that convincing Terry not to show up to court was a good plan but then Tasha mentions that Terry showing up was part of the plan and that she thinks that Angie and Ghost kept Terry from appearing because Angela was the only one who knew that Silver was back and therefore she gave Ghost that information. We know how Angie does with the loose lips. Anyway, then Tommy comes in with the burner and asks if she told Ghost about Teresi snitching. Angie is getting nervous because she knows what’s up, but she admits that she did. However, she told Ghost to tell him but we all know that Ghost went straight to Vinny (the Italian boss). Tommy mentions his convo with Saxe. Angie starts copping pleas, because she’s not trying to die, and tells them she can prove she’s not colluding against them. Basically, if they get the photos she took of Teresi’s “secret” meetings with the feds then they’ll see Saxe’s desk in them. The photos would trace back to her, then Tommy because Saxe wouldn’t have any reason to believe that James would go to the Italians with that info. Tasha tells Tommy to stand down and Angie keeps her life. Angie, who is a smart cookie, then mentions that didn’t have Ghost kill Silver and if he did that, then that would have been on his own time. Tasha believes that killing Silver is a very Ghost thing to do. They all do.

Tommy visits Vinny and finds out that Ghost did actually give him the photos. Tommy realizes that Ghost played him again. First, Tommy thinks Ghost gave Vinny the pics so he would kill Teresi but Vinny drops the truth bomb. Ghost wanted Tommy to do it. Now Tommy is standing there looking like…


Tommy then says one of the truest things we’ve ever heard on this show, “We’re both monsters.” Vinny replies,, “At least it’s over.”

But it’s not over yet as per Tommy, who says he has one more thing to do.

It’s also not over yet for Angela either because her lawyer informs her that Maria Suarez is back in the ring as a witness. Then Ange’s lawyer confirms that she was right about Terry Silver. He’s missing.


Meanwhile, Proctor has more tea for Ghost. He tells him that they have a witness against him and “She is willing to testify.” Proctor emphasizes that it’s a woman, thinking it’s Angela but it’s actually Suarez. Basically, Proctor is preaching from the Book of Save Yourself again!

Finally, Ghost and Angie meet up again at their old high school to talk. He asks her if she’s the witness and she denies it. Angie then asks if he killed Terry Silver and Ghost gets this weird look on his face and we can all assume he’s guilty. Angela is disgusted and says they’re done but then Ghost says he didn’t kill Terry. Angie says she wants to believe him and they get all tender and lovey-dovey.


But, we cut back to when Terry and Tasha were in the parking lot. Ghost followed Terry after that conversation and…yeah. He lied. He dropped Terry Silver like a bad habit. Narcissistic psychopath much?

In Ghost’s mind, he had to lie to keep Angie and because we all know that Ghost killing Silver was really more out of jealousy than it was survival. However, he can’t tell Angie that because then it means admitting that part of him still loves Tasha.


Their tender moment gets interrupted when Angela catches Tommy pointing a gun at Ghost. She moves him out of the way and gets shot in the chest.


Ghost lets out an animalistic, anguished scream and Angela slumps into Ghost’s arms gasping for air before things go black. So, is she dead or isn’t she?

What does this mean for Tommy and Ghost’s new unrepairable relationship?

So sad.

Terry definitely shouldn’t have died. The other twisted thing is, while Angela definitely wasn’t innocent or even likable at times, her biggest mistake was messing with Ghost. She has been protecting everyone, including Tommy, the entire time. All this was to cover her own arse, of course, but still…

We’ll have to wait a year before we find out what’s next. Wompington.


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