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For the last seven years I’ve been asking Ice Cube about Last Friday but it seems like it’s finally underway. In an instagram post posted by Mike Epps, we see Ice Cube, John Witherspoon and Mike Epps in the kitchen from the original Friday movie.

Epps wrote, “@icecube spitting game on the set is always Gold @johnwitherspoon was a damn fool today 😂😂had me rolling!”

This moment has been a long time in the making, but we still don’t know if Chris Tucker will be in the long awaited Last Friday movie, as there has been a lot of back and forth in the media and on social media. Not just about Chris Tucker but about the movie in general.

Here is a timeline of event leading up to the start of filming.

Iggy Azalea helped kick off the rumors when she tweeted that Ice Cube and Chris Tucker were writing a new script together.

With one tweet in 2011 Ice Cube started what would become 7 years of anticipation. Chatter about Last Friday quickly spread people even hinted at Chris Tucker being involved.

The whole cast was coming back but Chris Tucker’s involvement is still up in the air.

I sat down with Cube in 2012 and told me “I want him to be in it, he’s giving us every indication that he’s going to be in it, but until he shows up on set you never know.”

Months after our exclusive people started revving up about the film and Ice Cube had to shut them down.

Mike epps was ready  and stirred the pot in 2013 when he asked Cube for an update.

In August of 2016 I asked Mike Epps personally if Last Friday was coming out and he informed us that New Line Cinema owned the rights to the movie and they weren’t making those types of movies anymore.

Rumors kicked up again when a fake meme hit facebook using O’Shea Jackson JR and DC Youngfly remaking the Last Friday franchise but Cube shut down down.

Chris Tucker finally spoke on Last Friday but didn’t sound so enthusiastic about it.

After years of back and forth Ice Cube stays Last Friday will come out with or without Chris Tucker.

Now it seems like Day Day and Craig are back together and Smoky may or may not be in this movie. We might not find that out for a while but if they do we will update the time line until we see Last Friday.

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