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Less than a day after it was reported Fabolous spent hours in a New Jersey precinct to answer for domestic violence charges do some of the details emerge. Now we have the report by from the authorities, and the details are shocking.

Per North Jersey, the incidents date back to earlier this month when Fabolous was in Los Angeles and became enraged at finding out that longtime girlfriend Emily B was also in LA. On the flight back to the New York/New Jersey area, Fab, according to a court affidavit, texted Emily that he wanted to “hit her in the head with a baseball bat” and that he would “kill her” but didn’t want to go out like that. It’s said that once Fab got home, he punched Emily seven times and that she ended up losing her two front teeth.

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More from North Jersey after the jump.

Because of the incident, “the victim called her father to remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her,” according to the affidavit. When Jackson arrived at the Kenwood Street residence, he confronted the victim, her brother, and father, but then went to the upstairs of the residence looking for the handguns which had been removed.

“When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them,” according to court documents.

YIKES. Fab could be looking at serious jail time over these charges.