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Apparently people have Bow Wow messed up. Even if people have been clowning his moments on social media, Bow Wow set a lane for teen rappers when Beware Of Dog dropped in 2000. Now the Ohio rapper and So So Def legend just dropped his first video off Greenlight 6 titled “Emotional” and it’s a doozy, not just for the content but for the issues it’s discussing.

Bow raps about losing a friend to lean addiction and bouncing on Cash Money and returning to the home team of So So Def. In the song’s second verse, he breaks down why he and his “Shorty Like Me” partner in crime Chris Brown fell out. “I skipped the show just so I could see you Chris, day ones, me and you been through a lot of sh*t,” he raps, adding that it pains Bow that the two, who were once close don’t even acknowledge one another when they see each other in public.

Naturally, Chris Brown isn’t one to take a situation lying down. He responded to Bow’s new video saying he’s … confused at the whole situation.

We don’t know what to believe but we do know what isn’t beef is more like two friends who just fell out.

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