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Chris Rock‘s Netflix special Tambourine showed the legendary comic still was at the top of his game. One person who wasn’t appreciative of some of the jokes? Chris Brown.

During one segment of the special, Rock mentioned how upset he was in regards to a custody judge making him take photos of his kids’ beds and the food in his fridge to prove that he has beds and meals ready for them. “I’m Chris Rock, not Chris Brown,” he said.

Naturally, the other Chris wasn’t too pleased about being the butt of a parenting joke with a source claiming the Heartbreak On A Full Moon singer was “furious” over the comment and that it was “cheap.”

“Insinuating Brown is a bad father who doesn’t provide for his daughter is the ultimate disrespect,” the source for CB also commented.

A source close to Rock told Hollywood Life,  “Chris Rock is losing no sleep worrying about Chris Brown coming after him for some throwaway joke, and he certainly has no intention of apologizing to him. Chris really isn’t big into apologies, and definitely not when he feels there’s no apology warranted.”

The insider continued to go in on Brown saying, “If Chris Brown is so thinskinned that he’s outraged by a jokehe needs to toughen up. And as far as Chris Rock’s concerned, he should be flattered he got name-checked in the first place.”

Sheesh! This is probably one beef that isn’t going to die anytime soon.

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