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There is whitewashing all throughout the entertainment industry, so it is never really a surprise when a current case of it is pointed out. Rapper Nicki Minaj wanted to shed light on her perception of the whitewashing of hip-hop, but she quickly backtracked and was still labeled racist by critics who firmly disagreed with her social media post.

In a screenshot of the Top Hip-Hop Songs on the iTunes chart, Nicki Minaj first captioned the post “It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America huh?” After tons of backlash ensued with Minaj being called a racist, she modified her captioned twice more and bashed those who said she was racist in the first place.

Minaj then followed that up with a since-deleted lengthy post that expressed her right to speak her opinion on whatever she wants, whenever she wants and those that don’t approve should feel free to unfollow. She also stated that “Whenever a black woman speaks on ANYTHING she’s labelled ‘mad’, ‘angry’ and ‘bitter.’”

All of this would have been fine if she didn’t feel the need to edit her initial post. Either you feel that hip-hop is whitewashed and want to make a firm point about it or you don’t. Instead it appears that she wanted to appease her white fans by backtracking on her comments. There’s a lot of contradiction here, but that’s how many celebrities operate these days.

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