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Sigh. Tyrese apparently is incapable of staying off social media while he goes through whatever it is he’s got going on – and his videos are getting more disturbing by the day.

After weeks of erratic behavior, especially on social media, Tyrese still hasn’t gotten the hint that perhaps he should step away from the public eye and deal with his issues in private. A new video of the troubled singer/actor has surfaced and this time he’s seen crying, cooking and twerking in his kitchen while someone films the entire thing.

The video clip is so ridiculous that it almost seems like Tyrese is performing for the camera. Not saying that his custody issues with his daughter aren’t real, but everything else is so over the top it almost seems manufactured.

Check out the FULL video of Tyrese BELOW:

Earlier this week it was reported that the $5 million that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith reportedly gave Tyrese to stay off social media and help with his legal fees was all made up, and that no such loan ever happened.

Also, despite saying he was broke, he recently posted pictures of his latest trip to Dubai to hang with his friends. Tyrese is either having a Britney Spears 2007-style breakdown or doing it all for the ‘Gram.


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