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It looks like the Texans players aren’t sharing some of their fans feelings about the Duane Brown trade to Seattle. You’ve seen these feelings that some fans have shared on social media with a good riddance to Brown.
Last weekend we saw the Texans battle it out on the field against the Seahawks and lose at the last minute with Jimmy Graham making the touchdown.

It was a way to start the week off, but it also was a shock that it actually took place when just two days ago the team lost left tackle Duane Brown. We all so the news that Brown was traded a day before the deadline to Seattle… and adding insult to injury, the player the Texans were getting stayed behind due to a failed physical.
So, not only did they lose Brown, but Seattle’s cornerback Jeremy Lane isn’t coming to Houston after all.
The deal was rearranged because instead of the Texans getting a 2018 fifth-round pick, a 2019 second-round pick and Lane, they are now getting 2018 third round pick and a 2019 second-round pick and losing Brown while not receiving a player trade. The Texans are still getting that 2018 fifth-round pick.
The trade is upsetting for the quarterback DeShaun Watson and the team… they lost their left tackle and during a time when the team is minus players due to injury too.
Jadeveon Clowney spoke for the locker room when he voiced his unhappiness about the Brown trade with Aaron Wilson with the Chronicle… saying,  “Everybody was upset.”
So why is the organization repeated making these mistakes?
First we have the owner calling the players “inmates” and next we have their star tackle gone.
Aside from bring our injured players back from IR, what is the fix for this team?

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