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Newborn Amur Tiger Babies At Hamburg Zoo

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Deeming himself the King Of The Jungle, Mike Holston is an Exotic Animal Specialist, Teacher, and Zoo Keeper in Miami, Florida. The animal enthusiast has caught a lot of traction on his Instagram page (@therealtarzann) for his out-of-this-world pictures with animals of every sort.

Following his page will make you wish you could meet all of the cuddly, scary, and exotic animals that he posts with on the daily. From sharing a banana with all breeds of monkeys to photo ops with terrifyingly huge snakes, these pictures and videos will make you both jealous of Mike and scared for your own life.

Constantly paying tribute to Steve Irwin, whom he calls his idol and “the greatest man to walk this earth, TheRealTarzann draws inspiration from the man we all knew and loved as children–and he really followed in his footsteps. He wears a fresh pair of Yeezys in the middle of the jungle and is always upping the ante for the craziness for each photo he posts.

Check out some of the insane pictures from Holston’s account and see how jealous you get that this man’s job is to hang out with all of these cool creatures.

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