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Season 7 of Game of Thrones cemented itself as one of the HBO original series best after tonight’s season finale. The 79 minute finale followed up the epicness of the penultimate episode that aired last week as we witnessed one of the most epic battles yet between Jon Snow and his nemesis the Night King.

Lets break it down swiftly shall we?

Everyone finally came together to unite under one cause and that is take down the Night King. Lets also salute Daenerys for her amazing entrance into the meeting by arriving on the back of her dragon.

Way to send a message Dany, Cersei wasn’t impressed at all but still bravo, bravooooo! Anyway they immediately get to business and tell Cersei she has bigger things to worry about and they should join forces.

Of course Cersei couldn’t and shouldn’t be trusted cause she had no intentions of joining with Jon and Daenerys to take on the Night King and his army of the undead. Euron immediately bounced back to his island after seeing and hearing about the undead threat .

But this was all a rouse, Cersei planned behind Jaime’s back with the help of her new friend Euron.  Jaime wasn’t too pleased to learn of his sister/bae’s moves and decided he has had enough of her crazy ass and decided to leave with his gold hand. Jaime made a promise to help fight the great war and he intends on keeping it so he heads north.

With no clue of what Cersei is planning behind their backs, Jon and Daenerys head back to Casterly Rock to plan a course of action.

Theon decides  is a good time to make amends with his old friend Jon. Theon is seeking redemption and wants to get his sister back from the clutches of his evil but very stylish uncle Euron. Jon is still not feeling his faux brother, but he still respects him because deep down and lets him know he is still a Stark.

With his newfound confidence Theon goes to rile up the troops to gave save their queen, but one in particular isn’t trying to hear Theon. After threatening Theon, he finally decides to beat it into Theon’s head that they are not going to rescue his sister. After getting his ass whooped for a while, Theon finally gets an opening and grows some balls and beats down his attacker earning his the remaining soldiers trust.

GO THEON! Now back in Winterfell, when we last saw the Stark sisters Sansa and Arya were at odds and things were very icy between the two. Arya is suspicious of her sister and Sansa is outright terrified of Ayra. Sansa seeks the council of Littlefinger which is never really a good idea. That is unless you are plotting some scandalous shit. After speaking with Littlefinger, Sansa summons her guards and tells them to bring Ayra before her and it looks she’s putting her own sister on trial.

We are thrown for a curveball when it’s not Ayra in fact that’s on trial but it’s Littlefinger  who is absolutely shocked when Sansa calls him out.

Sansa reads the fuck out of Littlefinger pointing out all of his egregious actions but it was this moment that sealed his fate:

Sansa determines his fate but it’s the cold-blooded one, Ayra that puts the finishing touches on Littlefinger’s on fate.

So long Littlefinger, you won’t be missed at all :-). Now to the moment that everyone was sort of waiting for but wasn’t cause it was just going to be weird if and when it happened. Yup that’s right Jon and Daenerys finally consummated their “friendship”.

This all happens while Sam finally arrives back in Winterfell and engages in a conversation with the 3-Eyed-Raven, Bran. While Jon and Dany are combining fire and ice, Bran is explaining to Sam exactly how they are related to each other.

Bran reveals to Sam that Jon’s father is still married to his mom and that Jon, his real name is Aegon and that he is the rightful heir to the throne, not Dany.


Well we will be looking forward to that conversation when Game of Thrones returns for its final season in 2019. Now of course it wouldn’t be a season finale if we didn’t at least check in with our new favorite villain the Night King.  The White Walker march finally comes to end, they have made it to the magical gigantic wall that even Trump couldn’t envision having.

Now it’s just a bunch zombies right? How are they supposed to bring down the wall and cross over into Winterfell?  One word VISERION!

The Night King comes swooping in on his newest toy Viserion who lays waste to the wall with his ice breath.

Awww shit, with the wall now gone the Night King and his army descends upon Winterfell to wreak havoc on the world.

Shit just got real. Now one question looms as this season comes to end and that is what is the fate of fan favorites Tormund and Beric? They were at the wall when the Night King attacked and we have no clue if they are dead. Now we didn’t see if them actually perish so we are going to hold onto hope for the both of them.

Well we will have to wait till 2019 when Game of Thrones returns to find out. For now hit the gallery below to see the best reactions from the Twitterverse while watching tonight’s season finale of Game of Thrones.


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