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The two fighters have requested with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to approve a change with their glove sizes to an 8-ounce glove for their August 26 fight.
The Association of Ringside Physicians Larry Lovelace strongly disapproves of this change in size and he wrote a letter to the commission against the 8-ounce glove size rule change.

Lovelace’s disapproval with the change could be because it looks like the lighter gloves would mean Mayweather and/or McGregor could be injured quicker and because regulated 10-ounce gloves are appropriate gloves for a 154 pound fight.
“We hated to see them break their own rules and regulations kind of arbitrarily,” Lovelace told The Associated Press. “It seemed almost capricious to change from 10 ounces, which is the prescribed weight of gloves for that weight class.”
It has been noted that there is no evidence that shows us that 154 pound fighters would cause more damage while fighting while using a pair of 8 ounce gloves instead of the 10 ounce gloves.
So why do the fighters want light gloves?
Perhaps there is more money to be earned… we know that there is a lot of money being betted for this fight and according the OddShark oddsmakers, they have “shifted Mayweather’s betting line from minus 500 to a minus 400 within a week.
There are also reports that McGregor has changed his KO predictions to knocking Mayweather out in the first two rounds instead of the first four rounds. Some people are taking this as the lighter size gloves will make it easier for him to KO Mayweather faster.
Mayweather has fought and won while wearing 8 ounce size gloves before.

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