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TLC Award

Source: Karl Feile / Getty

It’s been 15 years since the girl group, TLC released their last album and now they’re releasing what is going to be their final album on Friday.
Tionne T-Boz was talking and she said, “That doesn’t mea we’re done though. That doesn’t mean we won’t do a residency in Vegas.”
“We have a body of work and when yo (have)timeless songs like ‘Waterfalls’ and ‘No Scrubs’ and ‘Unpretty,’ you should be able to (tour), you know. The white rock bands do it all the time. Why can’t we?”
Regarding the residency in Las Vegas, Rozonda Chilli Thomas said, “We’ve had some people come and reach out, but it just got to be right.”
As of now, their new album is the topic… it took them two years to complete this project. This new album has features from Snoop Dogg, a sampling Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” producer Ron Fair and along with help from T-Boz’s brother, songwriter- producer Carnoy “Ayo Kayo” Watkins.
The group did launch a Kickstarter funding in 2015 and the feedback was astounding with a raised amount of more than $430,000.00. That amount was more than what they originally asked for too… $150,000.00.
“We were in disbelief,” Chilli said. “We were so shocked.”
One of the many fans who made a donation of $5,000 was Katy Perry.
“When Lisa first passed, wo many people, especially ones you wouldn’t think would turn on us, kind of count us out, but her passing didn’t really hinder our ability to sing and dance, and our talent didn’t leave, we just lost a group member,” she said. “So you find your new normal and you put it back together and to see that people believed in us touched my heart the most.”
TLC also said that Left Eye’s spirit was in the studio with them as they recorded and around them everyday too.
“we just incorporate her in everything. The thought is always there, whether you’re recording or not- you can’t forget it,” T-Boz said.
Left Eye’s voice was taken from an old interview and has be used and incorporated into a track, “Interlude” on the TLC album. ‘
“It’s the essence of what you remember her for,” T-Boz said of Left Eye’s words.

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