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You know him from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood or maybe from his one single, “When I Go,” but now you’ll know him from his photoshoot in Paper Magazine.
Milan’s photoshoot is a biker babe that is sprawled across a motorcycle while wearing a leather jacket and tube socks.
His photoshoot also shows his very large penis.

“You know as a male music artist or man in general showing your male genitalia is so taboo in our culture– but it’s ok for Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, or Rihanna to do it as females.”
In his interview, Milan was asked about when he came out as gay and who he came out to. He said, “The first person I came out to was my little brother, Chris, and he basically asked me why I don’t play football and all this other stuff.”
Then he said, “I was about 15. And I told him why, I told him that I was gay. He was like, “That doesn’t matter, you’re still my brother.” And then two years laterhe died. That was the first person I came out to. And then I came out to my family when I was like 17,16-17.”
They asked him if he was representing gay African Americans and Milan said, “I do- I think it’s not that many gay guys who are African American who are out and who are comfortable? Right now, I can probably name about 5. And it’s millions, you know what I mean? I do think that I have a huge [responsibility for] representation of the community and I do think that I’m doing pretty well.”
If you remember, Kim Kardashian West did Paper Magazine back in 2014 too. That was when Kim K’s naked booty photoshoot broke the internet.