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Consistently proving that bullying others to get what he wants is what he does best, Donald Trump recently demanded that Cuba release Assata Shakur and return her to The States. Well Cuba responded to #45’s demands with an emphatic “no,” which is surely causing him to have a temper tantrum.

As reported by Vibe, earlier this month while in Miami Trump delivered his address on Cuba policy, where he called for the immediate return of Assata Shakur to the U.S. You may recall that Shakur was convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper before she escaped from a United Stated prison back in the ‘70s.

Despite being on the list of America’s Most Wanted, Shakur was granted political asylum by Cuba, who considered her to be a heroine who should continue to be protected for fighting for black rights.

Gustavo Machin, Deputy Director of American Affairs at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently spoke with Yahoo News and said that there is absolutely no intention of returning Shakur to U.S., he stated “I can say it is off the table.” Machin continued with “There are very serious doubts about that case. We consider that a politically motivated case against that lady.”

Kudos to Cuba for standing firm in their decision and standing behind Shakur, however knowing how #45 is when he feels defeated, don’t expect this to be the last you hear of him demanding that Shakur be returned back stateside.


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