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Houston, we know that the Astros Right fielder, Josh Reddick is a huge Ric Flair and wrestling fan and that Reddick has adopted Ric Flair’s “Woo.”
And he’s not the only one who has adopted it too… You’ll hear the fans showing their support for Reddick at Minute Maid Park when they are doing “WOO” when they see him during the games
The fans are just showing love to your team when they woo back at Reddick, but there is a Dallas Star-Telegram writer Stefan Stevenson who has a big issue with the “WOO” and he put his opinions on Twitter which started a Twitter war.
The war is between the writer and Ric Flair himself.
It began with the write tweeting, “Psst, #Astros fans, the “woo” needs to stop.”
Maybe he didn’t expect a reaction from Ric Flair, but Ric Flair responded to Stevenson’s tweet saying, “How about no, Stefan. The WOOOO will never die #Astros
The writer didn’t back down from what Flair said and he snapped back at Flair’s tweet saying, “@RicFlairNatrBoy The woo might work in wrestling but baseball is real. #nowooinginbaseball
I guess Stevenson thought that he had breaking news about wrestling when he said it wasn’t “real,” but Ric Flair said, “Hey Stefan, do us all a favor and delete your twitter account. Thanks WOOOOO Nation.”
The Twitter war died down, but Ric Flair wasn’t the only star to see Stevenson’s tweets because the Astros’ right fielder Josh Reddick and the Texans JJ Watt posted a response.
Reddick posted on IG saying, “Big series win! Now back to !
JJ Watt said, “Whether you like or not, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going,” WOOOO!”
And in response to JJ Watt’s tweet, Ric Flair said, “Wise Man! WOOOOO!”
I’m sure that with Stefan Stevenson’s tweets about the  #Astros, he probably just ensured that the #Astros fans will be “wooing” a lot more now then before.

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