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Lil Yachty has become the poster child of watered down hip-hop music while Joe Budden is the face of a true artist.

Putting them in a room together to have a debate about hip-hop is bound to be intense. Joe signed on to do Complex’s new talk show, Everyday Struggle, where he sat down with Yachty, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis to discuss a range of topics, including Yachty’s controversial album cover for Teenage Emotions in which he surrounded by a bunch of “misfits” and “outcasts.”

Budden, who was noticeably frustrated throughout the entire interview, called BS when the 19-year-old Atlanta rapper explained how he can identify with feeling like an outcast. However, Yachty explained he’s happy everyday, while Joe accused him of being media trained.

The “Pump It Up” rapper said, “Feelings are fickle. What that means is, they come and they go. Nobody is one thing forever. You cannot tell me you would be lying to tell me that as a young man in this industry, in this music industry, in the music business, you are happy 24-7. That is a lie. That is bullshit. And I refuse to have somebody tell me bullshit. I want to have an honest conversation.”

Yachty clapped back, “When you come from a college dorm room, with no money…and you ain’t gettin’ no play with no girls, you have no clothes, you have no car…and you come to having three or four cars, millions of dollars, half a million dollars on your body just to wear, and any kind of clothes you want, any hoes you want, how can you be upset?”

The exchange of words comes just after Budden blatantly called Yachty out on another episode of Everyday Struggle and referred to him as a “troll.” Maybe this conversation was needed a long time ago.

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