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Oh the joys and anxiety  of a new relationship. The butterflies, the ‘good morning, beautiful’ texts, the creative dates, the romantic dinners, all the makings of a new connection. And of course, as the intimacy heats up, a lot of women choose to send their new boo a coveted nude photo.


Every woman knows the dedication and time that goes into taking a perfectly angled, well-lighted nude pic and making it look effortless. Capturing that perfect bomb face to bomb body ratio takes so much time, you may not want to do it every.single.damn.time you get a request from a suitor. So there’s a solution to that—which requires making a little album in your iPhotos specifically for nudes***

Here are some reasons every woman should be repurposing her naughty photos for every boo.

Men Change. Nudes Don’t. If you recently broke up with a boyfriend, chances are you have a smorgasbord of sexy nudes with nowhere to go. Don’t delete them just yet! You will be back on the dating scene in no time and when new BAE asks for a photo of you, why would you go through the process of taking all new photos, when you can just send him a well vetted pic from your nudie folder? The only drawback to this is if your hair changes–but in that case, I recommend having a nude stored for all of your go-to styles.


Different Man. Different Reaction. So when you sent this fly ass photo to your ex boo, maybe he responded dryly with some gotdamn heart eyes. Booooooo. Well, new boo may be a little more sext fluent, and you may get the ‘babe, you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen’ response you were craving back in the day.


Already Best Friend Approved. For those of us who send our nudes to our best friends for squad approval, your nudie folder will store all of those photos that got a ‘yasss b*tch’ reaction from your girls.


The Time It Takes To Take The Nude Doesn’t Match The Return. We are all busy as hell. The last thing you want is to be thrown off by a ‘babe, send me a photo :)’ text with no nudes to send. Suddenly, your whole evening is f*cked up as you suck in and struggle to send him the ideal photo. And THEN to go through all of that and only get a smiley face back? Not ta-day. Your folder of nudes will always ensure the effort is worth the ROI.

Take Your Nudes In Bulk. Let’s just call this folder our ‘nude Costco.’ When you’re feeling sexy as hell, your body is feeling snatched and not bloated (for once), and your makeup is blending perfectly, go ahead and take 100 nude photos. Maximize on this moment of feeling your peak self and store those bad boys for a rainy day.

So beauties, ready to make a nude folder or nah?

*** please make sure your phone is password locked–and your iphone gallery isn’t linked to the screensaver on your desktop.


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