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The drama continues on the mess that is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta! Tonight’s episode starts off with Sierra “spilling the tea” to Karlie Redd of all people about what happened at Joseline’s video shoot.Of all the people to confide in she confides in Karlie ?

Sierra tells Karlie all the details about her husband Shooter messing around with her former employee Moriah. Karlie of course is a sucker for some gossip and drama that doesn’t involve her and she ate all of it up.

Moriah and Sierra tried to have a civil conversation about what took place between them on last weeks episode. Now if you are a veteran viewer of Love and Hip Hop, you know exactly how that meeting went down. Observe below:

Tommie is trying to change her life and shed her bad girl image and decides she wants to sell her own brand of wine. She invites her former or still Mother-in-Law Karen to break the news about her new business endeavor. Karen is a bit skeptical of the business venture being that she feels Tommie is an alcoholic and will get drunk off her own supply.

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Tommie is not is here for the doubt and does her best to convince Karen that she doesn’t have a problem and that she is nothing more than a functioning alcoholic. Tommie explains to Karen that she uses her love for wine as a coping mechanism. Ummmmmm that sounds like an alcoholic if you ask us.

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Annnnyyywaaayyy Waka is on a mission to return home to his family. Waka uses his alone time with his daughter Charlie as an opportunity to put the battery in her back to get Tammy to take him back. I mean how can Tammy say no to her daughter making a pitch to get the family back together right?

Charlie brings up her outing with her dad and insists that her mom gives her dad Waka another chance. Tammy was like:

The seed has still been planted by Charlie and looks like Waka’s plan is in motion. Another couple going through it still is Stevie J and Joseline.

Stevie J walks out of court in dramatic Love & Hip Hop fashion revealing that he asked for full custody of the baby. Of course that didn’t sit well with Joseline and she is now on a mission to make sure Stevie J isn’t nowhere near her child but is still cutting checks. We also finally learn the paternity Joseline’s baby and guess what Stevie:

Learning that Bonnie is 100% his changes Stevie’s view on the situation, BUT he knows he messed up with Joseline once again. Getting her on back on good terms will be a lot of work now that Joseline wants nothing to do with Stevie AGAIN.

We jump back to Tommie, she is having a wine tasting event for new Chardonnay. Things are looking pretty good for Tommie as the event starts off great. But like Joc said on tonight’s episode:

Thing’s go left quickly when Jessica Dime brings up Joesline at the event and that doesn’t sit well with Tommie. Joseline had Tommie arrested and Tommie right now just hearing her name is a triggering word for her. Before Tommie gets involved, Tammy interrupts to change the coversation and Dime isn’t not here for it.

Jessica immediately lets Tammy knows how she feels about her interrupting her story and the two start to snap at each other. Words lead to things getting physical and they quickly try to get at each other necks but security makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Once that fracas calms down another one quickly ensues between “new friends” Jessica and Tommie. Jessica crossed the line bringing up Joseline and with some wine her system already Tommie decided to kick her out for messing up her event.

Now you would think the drama is all over right? WELP NO, Jessica may have left the building but a new situation walks in the building in the form of Tommie’s mother. Tommie had a look like this on her face:


The last time these two were airspace things got very hectic. We can only imagine how things will go down on next weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  In the meantime hit the gallery below to see the best internet reactions and memes to tonight’s episode:


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