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President Donald Trump boasted when he first won the election that “We are going to start winning again and we are going to win so much,”.

Welp looks like in his first 100 days as President of the United States none of that winning he has promised has yet come to fruition. Lets recap shall we:

Travel Ban: Fail

Travel Ban 2.0: Fail

Mexico will build the wall: Nope

There’s always the promise of repealing and replacing the “disaster” that is Obamacare right? He has everything in place to do so with Republicans in full control this is definitely a sure thing. WELP looks like Trumpcare won’t be happening either for President Nacho either.Dubbed “the closer” by his Republican counterparts because he is known to close big deals, he failed to lure over any Democrats and bring back Republicans who were not feeling the Paul Ryan crafted healthcare bill.

The man behind of the “Art of The Deal” failed and came up short on one of his biggest campaign promises.

Obamacare remains the law of the land and Trumpcare is now dead! Twitter immediately let the President know how ridiculous he looked today after suffering a massive L.

So of course like clockwork, President Trump instead of blaming Republicans, blamed Democrats for not wanting to get on board with his terrible bill and even walked back claims of calling for a repeal. He called Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer the biggest losers and placed ownership of “failing” Obamacare on them. Welp Nancy Pelosi immediately spoke after the bill’s failure to even reach the floor for a vote and she definitely didn’t look like a loser at all.


The Democrats resistance movement has been paying off while Republicans are currently licking their wounds. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious tweets making light of Trumps huge L he suffered today.

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