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Fox News continues to do the absolute most.

On Thursday, during a segment of the cable network’s show The Five, host Kimberly Guilfoyle suggested that the Secret Service should kill Snoop Dogg for his assassination parody video and Bow Wow for saying that he would pimp First Lady Melania Trump.

Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld noted that “it was an actual threat” and asked Guilfoyle how the Secret Service should respond to the “Lavender” music video.

Her response?: “Kill them? Kill them.”

She added: “I think it would be fantastic if Snoop and wannabe-Snoop got a visit from, like, the federal marshals and let’s see how tough and gangster they are then.

Interesting how these same pundits had no issue when folks like Ted Nugent were hurling racial epitaphs and death threats at former President Obama and his family for the past eight years.

But conservatives aren’t the only ones who have taken issue with this type of incivility toward Trump.

As we previously reported, talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey recently said on his radio show that Black people need to respect #45 more.

“I’m certain that Snoop doesn’t pose a real threat at all, but where we have to be smart about this young brothers and the people who are the truth tellers…where we have to be smart about is the way that they will bend it and twist it. And here’s the problem if we run into the route of if something happens then do you get brought in as the copycat version the reason that spurred action? ‘Cuz there’s some idiot that’s sitting at his house that’s willing to carry this out….And you don’t want to be tied to that.”

He added: “The problem with all this [criticism of Trump] is, is that there is an office in this country called the ‘president,’ and you have to respect the office,” Harvey said. “You really do. Whether you want to or not. You have to respect the office. They got laws.”


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