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Those who’ve seen Get Out know the dangers of being trapped in a “sunken place.” Jordan Peele‘s psychological thriller, which uses racism as the basis for a modern horror story, has already racked in over $100 million, proving that the idea of the “sunken place” actually hits home with American audiences who are still struggling to understand and discuss the subtleties of racism that continues to haunt the country.

If you haven’t seen it yet, we won’t spoil it for you, but here are three celebrities we would happily buy a ticket for in hopes of opening their minds to a new perspective on racism that could possibly release them from their “sunken place.”

Dr. Ben Carson

Donald Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development will be making decisions that affect millions of Black and Brown Americans over the next four years. That’s a scary thought for those who’ve been paying attention to the former brain surgeon’s comments on race and class over the last few years.

Last week, Carson suggested that the Africans who were kidnapped, enslaved and conditioned by generations of chattel slavery were a lot like all of the other ethnic groups who chose to immigrate to America. The fact that any politician could be clueless enough to make such an insensitive comparison is shocking. But Carson is a Black republican who bowed down to join Trump’s racist regime after being targeted by it throughout the primary season, so nobody is exactly surprised.

Carson grew up in poverty and worked hard to overcome racism and segregation to become a legend in modern medicine. But somewhere along his journey to the top one percent, he appears to have forgotten, whether by force or by choice, that racism is a real threat to peace and progress.

We can’t speculate if hypnosis or a lobotomy are to blame for his lack of racial conscious, but we can only hope that seeing Get Out will be able to shake him out of whatever spell he’s under and wake him up to the struggles facing people of color throughout America. With that goal in mind, we would gladly deliver two tickets for him and Mrs. Carson to see Get Out and pray that the film will free them from their sunken place and put them on a path to truly making American great, for once.

Stacey Dash

If getting fired by Fox News day’s after helping Donald Trump secure the most important job in the world wasn’t enough of a wake-up call for Stacey, maybe Get Out will help her see America’s bigger picture more clearly.

It’s easy to dismiss Ms. Dash as clueless given her long history of ignoring, excusing or outright supporting racist behavior on the air waves. But despite her many missteps, we still have hope.

Stacey’s free fall into her sunken place may have began when she realized that she could get more attention by making outrageous comments about politics than posing for men’s magazines and starring in straight-to-DVD movies. But now that Fox has used her up and flung her to her professional rock bottom, it may be time to start seeking new perspectives on race.

Get Out could be the perfect escape vessel for Stacy’s trapped mind. There’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships, whether romantic or professional, but the thriller may help Stacey’s future self recognize the signs that she’s walking into a racial trap and remind her to stay woke no matter what.

Sage Steele

ESPN’s Sage Steele was once the SportsCenter dream girl for young men across the globe. Then she started sharing her political and racial views and exposed herself as a nightmare with deep-seated identity issue.

Steele recently claimed that the racism she experienced from Black people was far worse than anything she’d ever perceived from Whites. And while being “othered” as the light skinned girl with wavy hair was surely traumatic for her, she’s clearly in need of a reality check on the differences between colorism and racism.

In Get Out, the Black characters don’t have the luxury of obsessing about their melanin content or hair texture. Sage’s narcissism hasn’t awoken her to the fact that minorities in America are in a similar state of emergency and must unite and resist the racist regime that threatens to do much more damage to them than the colorism Steele has internalized.


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