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An emotional confrontation between exes went viral after million of users logged on to see the epic tragedy that is #hurtbae.

The internets responded to #hurtbae’s tears, frustrated by her cheating ex’s visible lack of remorse.

Now the cheater, AKA  Leonard Long II, is speaking out about the viral moment.

“I was definitely emotional. Just because it wasn’t written all over my face doesn’t mean I didn’t feel some type of way. That’s the way that I process the moment,” he said, explaining the stoic expression on his face throughout the encounter.

“The fact that I hurt her…I can’t change that. But I can make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” said Long, who admits he did once love his ex. “I’m 23 years old. I’m a young man trying to navigate the world. I’m going to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and live my life better…hold myself to a higher standard. I know I’m the most hated guy in America, but I swear I’ve changed. I would never want to put someone through that again.”

But it seems like the pain paid off for his ex, Kourtney Jorge, who gained 130K followers since the video hit the web.

“I’m proud of her. I hope she gets all that she can out of this,” he said. At the end of the interview Long even jokingly recites the Kanye West lyric, “I made that b*tch famous.”

Watch the full interview below:


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