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Source: (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) / Getty

Watch as man is walking down on the sidewalk and gets hit by a flying tire coming at full force.
The freak accident happened in a state in Brazil to Roberto Carlos Fernandes, 50 year old who was walking along side of his daughter Caroline when he was hit and slammed onto the concrete.
Caroline told the Extra Globe that she was scared and shocked when she saw the freak accident.
She along with several witnesses rushed to help Roberto when he was lying on the sidewalk.

It’s an amazing sight when you see Roberto sitting up and responding to the paramedics who arrived within 10 minutes of the accident.
One of the town’s local journalist Gil Souza said that witnesses told him that they believed that the tire came from another vehicle that was carrying a trailer that had a loose axle and lost the tire while driving.
Roberto reportedly had two severe fractures, one to his skull and the other to his chest and he’s doing well.
His daughter said, “We were coming home when I heard a horn and looked, but I did not see anything. Suddenly, he horn became louder and when I noticed it, the wheel was already on to of my father.”

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