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The damning thing about Twitter is that what one puts out to the world, is in the ether forever. Woody McClain, who played Bobby Brown in BET’s The New Edition Story found this out recently, when a series of his tweets were dug up.

In the tweets he professes his love of white women, at the expense of black women. The narrative is old, but still sad since fans fell in love with McClain in the film.

“White is right” and “Black girls are soooo overrated” were a couple of the statements he made.

To clear the air, McClain talked about the tweets with Essence.

“Listen, before New Edition came out… I do comedy,” he said. “Me growing up through comedy, that’s a comedy reference. ‘Once you go Black, you never go back.’ That’s a comedy reference. So I feel like somebody took that tweet, added more Tweets, photoshopped it, undefeated. You will not beat Photoshop. And they’re adding more to my tweets.”

Adding, “I love Black women. I always push for Black women. When I shoot my videos—go to follow me @woody_thegreat, you will see all my content. I promote Black love. If I was going to switch up, I would have did it three years ago when I started social media. You feel me? So there is no switching up for it. My mother is Black. My sister is Black. I love my Black queens.”

Quite frankly we’ve heard the narrative of ‘my mother and sisters are black’ but McClain affirmed his love of black women by sharing photos of his longtime partner, a black woman. And while that doesn’t qualify his respect for sistas, he does note that he learned a lesson.

“I’m not even mad that this happened. I’m actually happy. I want my little African-American brothers, listen: Y’all gotta understand this is not a joke. It’s not sensitive, it’s not funny no more.”


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