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After the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, their wide-receiver Antonio Brown took his fans into the teams’ locker room on Facebook Live. People originally thought that Brown was just showing his excitement for advancing in the Playoffs, but that’s not what we are now learning.
Now, reports are showing that Antonio Brown’s post-game Facebook Live wasn’t randomly done… Brown has a nice deal with Facebook where he is to go Live after games.

Facebook isn’t commenting on the incident, but another source is saying that yes, he has a deal with Facebook, but no he wasn’t encouraged to go live inside the locker room.
It could be a way to cover their butts up, but maybe Brown was excited too, there’s not telling.
It’s a possibility that some Facebook reps tossed ideas when and where Brown should go Live and which scenario would draw a larger viewing audience too. Considering that he has a six-figure deal, it doesn’t sound like a post-game Live session would be frowned upon by Facebook.
Brown’s Live session violated the social-media policy when he captured his head coach talking and calling the Patriots, “a–ho**s.”
Head coach Mike Tomlin’s reaction to Brown’s Live session was, “foolish and inconsiderate”  and Brown was fined $10,000 too.
But considering that he has that six-figure deal, that fine probably didn’t hurt like it should.
And on Sunday the Pittsburgh Steelers were defeated by the New England Patriots 17-36 for the AFC Championship, losing their trip to Superbowl LI.