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Speeding Ticket

Source: David Lentz / Getty

Have you ever turned your car on a cold day and left it running?
In Michigan, Nick Taylor said one day he arrived at his girlfriend’s house top pick her and their son up and decided to leave the car running to warm it up.
What Nick did was something that most people during the wintery weather, they leave their cars running and their doors unlocked and go inside…

When Nick returned to his car, he noticed a piece of paper in his windshield, but soon realized that it was a ticket.
A ticket for what? It was a $128 ticket by the police for leaving his vehicle on and unattended.
“I was there for maybe seven or eight minutes before I noticed the ticket,” Nick told CBS Detroit.
Of course Nick was shocked and annoyed and took a photo and posted it to his Facebook page:

Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dipshit K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own damn driveway. — in Roseville, Michigan.

Of course the post has been shared almost 14k times and it has more the 5.2k comments.
The comments were basically all frustrated with Nick and people were in disbelief that you could get a parking/traffic ticket for having your car on like that.
It’s an actual law that Nick broke…
“I encourage our officers to write this ticket,” Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told CBS Detroit, saying that car theft is a concern. “All it takes is someone to hop in this car and take off. Then there’s a chase often at a high rate of speed and all that could have been prevented.”
The Police Chief says that remote starts can ensure safety against having your car stolen and can also warm your vehicle up because your keys aren’t in the ignition.
What are your thoughts?