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It’s a new year and one thing still remains the same Black Twitter is still greatness and has the ability to “tweet through” any situation. Case in point, earlier tonight Yahoo Finance’s Twitter Account made one of the most egregious Twitter errors ever when they tweeted this:


Now any smart person knows whoever is in charge of pushing out tweets for the account meant bigger and not the dreaded N word. BUT it also raises the question, and that is what does this person auto correct situation look like to begin with?

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Well anyway the tweet lived on their timeline entirely too long before they realized they had made a huge mistake. They finally removed the tweet and tweeted out an apology,

Needless to say it was already too late and Black Twitter got their hands on the tweet. Now what followed after is true testament to just truly how creative we are cause folks took an ignorant mistake and made a hilarious hashtag out of it. Here are some of them, brace yourself you will bust out in laughter:

We promise you we were fighting back laughter putting this post together. In need of a good laugh? PLEASE do yourselves a favor and hit the gallery for even more of these hilarious Tweets:

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