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Teacher Who Threatened To Deport Black Kids ‘Back To Africa’ Gets 3-Day Suspension

Students writing exams in the classroom, Cape Town, South Africa

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A white Pasco County, Florida, teacher accused of making racist statements to Black students has been suspended without pay for three days and transferred to a different school, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

John Sousa allegedly told his students that if they didn’t behave, he would call newly elected president Donald Trump to have them deported to Africa. And while parents called for Sousa to be fired, Superintendent Kurt Browning told the School Board last Tuesday that he found the scenario “incredibly inappropriate,” but not a firing offense.

You’ve heard me say I’m a supporter of second chances,” Browning said. “That behavior is not condoned by this district. But there is a place for him.

Sousa denies saying he would have the kids deported to Africa and that the children are not telling the truth.

“I said, ‘You kids get where you’re supposed to be, or the new president could get you in trouble,‘” Sousa recalled. “Maybe I should have been minding my own business. But there were kids where they weren’t supposed to be.

He added: “I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. … I am not a racist. This is what’s wrong with America. People make accusations about people without really knowing them.

Sousa has been transferred to a different high school teaching autistic students. *Insert eye roll*

Chicago To Pay Over $5 Million In Two Police Shootings Suits

Gun Violence Continues To Plague Chicago

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Chicago will have to pay around $5.4 million in settlements for the killing of two Black men by the city’s police.

According to Reutersthe city council voted to approve the payments on Wednesday which will go to the estate of Cedrick Chatman, 17, who was killed in 2013 and was awarded $3 million and Darius Pinex, 27, who was killed in 2011 was awarded $2.36 million. These two killings have brought even more scrutiny among the city’s police department and Mayor Rahm Emanuel for defending the department’s use of deadly force in way too many instances.

Currently, the U.S. Justice Department is conducting a civil rights investigation into the department, Reuters noted.

Survey Finds That Black And White Americans View Historical Events Very Differently

March Held In Ferguson Marking Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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A new survey confirms what we already suspected: Race plays a factor in how we perceive history.

According to the Huffington Post, the online survey asked 2,025 adults which 10 historical events “had the greatest impact on the country” and revealed that while 9/11 and President Obama’s election were on the lists of Blacks and whites, but the civil rights movement was among the top three most important events for black Americans and didn’t even crack the top 10 for white Americans.

The survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center and The History Channel in July.

In addition: generation and age also played a factor in what people perceived as impactful.

For example, the Columbine school shooting makes the top 10 list of Millennials and Gen Xers but not Boomers or the Silent Generation. Millennials also are unique in that five of their top 10 events – the Sandy Hook and Orlando/Pulse nightclub shootings, the death of Osama bin Laden, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Great Recession – appear in no other generation’s top 10 list, the study’s authors wrote.

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