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Matt Barnes might be in some serious trouble! Early Monday morning Matt Barnes and his Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins celebrated a loss to the New York Knicks at Avenue Nightclub in NYC. It’s there the two stars were involved in an incident where Cousin’s allegedly punched a man and Barnes choked a woman.

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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ exclusively that 911 received a call to the nightclub after midnight, with reports of a man assaulting a 2 women and a man. TMZ also learned that things got physical when Barnes allegedly choked the woman. When two other people tried to break up the fight, Barnes allegedly punched both of them.

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TMZ also has exclusive video in which you can hear Matt’s teammate DeMarcus Cousins saying, “I hit the s*** out of that n*gga”.

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Both Barnes and Cousins fled the scene before cops showed and Barnes is currently being sought after by police.

Matt Barnes spoke about the altercation through a rep who reached out to TMZ :

“Barnes was having a good time at Avenue Nightclub with his teammate, DeMarcus Cousins, when he went to sit at his VIP booth and accidentally “butt bumped” a woman who was at the next booth over.

Barnes claims the woman reacted by slapping him in the face, hard — and that’s when all hell broke loose. 

Barnes claims the woman’s crew — which included several men — jumped in and began to get violent. Barnes was knocked to the ground in the melee and one of the men began to choke him. 

Barnes got physical in an effort to protect himself. Cousins also jumped in to defend Barnes.”

Barnes also took to his Instagram to address the situation taking shots at the media stating “There’s always two sides to a story… The side the media consistently tries to paint of me …And what actually happened! Don’t believe anything you read!”

Well we shall see Matt, Barnes is cooperating with the investigation and his attorney Alex Spiro tells TMZ “We do not believe a crime was committed and are hopeful no charges will be pressed”.

We wouldn’t be shocked if the NBA hands out disciplinary action following this latest incident involving Barnes and superstar DeMarcus Cousins.



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