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In a New Yorker essay, titled Mourning For Whiteness, Toni Morrison states that scores of educated and poorly educated White voters embraced the shame and fear sowed by Donald Trump because they’re terrified of losing their diminishing White privilege in an increasingly diverse America.

The social order in which Whites stand at the pinnacle is crumbling at the foundation.

And what then?” the Nobel Prize-winning novelist asks. “Another Black President? A predominantly Black Senate? Three Black Supreme Court justices? The threat is frightening.”

Morrison dispels the notion that White voters in the Trump camp are angry.

“These people are not so much angry as terrified, with the kind of terror that makes knees tremble,” she writes.

To restore the place of Whiteness in America, some are “sacrificing themselves” by setting aside “their sense of human dignity” and “risking the appearance of cowardice.”

What are some examples this cowardice? Morrison says some are once again hiding behind white sheets and “denying themselves the dignity of face-to-face confrontations” with their victims. They’ve returned to the old ways of terrorizing innocent people and slaughtering churchgoers.

Others, she says, are hiding behind their police shields, gunning down fleeing Black men, shooting unarmed drivers during traffic stops, handcuffing Black children and manhandling nonthreatening Black women.

“These sacrifices (of dignity), made by supposedly tough White men, who are prepared to abandon their humanity out of fear of Black men and women, suggest the true horror of lost status,” Morrison states.

In an almost mocking way, Morrison says they are debasing themselves to regain control, but in the process, “the mature, the sophisticated, and the strong” view them with contempt.

SOURCE: New Yorker


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