Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans

Source: Scott Halleran / Getty

Who’s ready to watch some Monday Night Football?
Well, the Houston Texans will be facing the Oakland Raiders in a Monday for a MNF game that’s being played in Mexico’s capital, D.F. or Distrito Federa.
This is the first game in Mexico since 2005.
It’s come to light that the NFL has issued some strong warnings in a memo that was only sent to the Texans regarding their trip and stay in Mexico:

— DO NOT leave the hotel

— Leave expensive jewelry at home

— Don’t bring large sums of money

— Don’t use ATMs

Health and Performance

— Only drink bottled water

— DO NOT order room service

— DO NOT eat outside of the team meal room

The players were asked not order room service originated back to when the NFL sent a memo to all NFL players regarding eating meat that was produced in China and Mexico.
It’s possible that the meat could have “clenbuterol, a banned steroid” in it and although this is banned in Mexico, it’s possible that it’s still being used.
Eating meat that might be contaminated with this banned steroid could result in a failed drug test and whatever consequences a player might face after.
The Associated Press did say that they found out that the Oakland Raiders DID NOT receive the same memo on “do not’s” in Mexico.
“I always bring my own food anyway.” Oakland defensive tackle Dan Williams said. “I’m on a strict diet so I have to watch what I eat. No room service for me. I can’t afford the sneak a cheat.”

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