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Tim Tebow, the former NFL quarterback, now New York Mets Minor-Leaguer finally made his Arizona Fall League debut on Tuesday.
Although his debut game performance on the field wasn’t as glorious as we hoped, it was after the game that really stuck in peoples minds and probably their hearts too.

Tim Tebow stuck around after his debut in Arizona, Tebow to sign fans’ autographs when one of the fans started to have a seizure and lowered himself to the pavement.
It really does seem that it’s never short of a miracle when he’s around, but you can’t be too surprised to learn that Tebow stuck around with the ill fan and that he laid his hands on the man in order to pray while they waited for the emergency personnel to arrive.
After the fan regained his consciousness, Tebow waited around for 15 minutes with Brandon for the paramedics to arrive and even told him, “They’re going to take good care of you buddy.”
Later on, he identified himself as Brandon and said that his seizure was most likely from a brain tumor of frontal lobe epilepsy.
The two carried on a conversation and Brandon was happy to inform Tebow that he was a fighting Bulldog… a fan of University of Georgia, the rival of University of Florida, Tebow’s alma mater.
“You’re a Bulldog? You’re kidding me,” Tebow cried out with a grin. “Don’t even know how to respond to that.”
As he was leaving to the team bus, Tebow told Brandon, “God bless you, buddy.”

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