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Another day, another teacher using social media to express their own racism and ignorance—but this time, their insensitivity was geared toward the students.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Baltimore fifth grade teacher Kelly Forostiak has come under fire for problematic and racist posts she made on Instagram about the children in her class. One photo obtained by the Star shows one of Forostiak’s Black students dressed in a sombrero and fake mustache with the caption, “This is an African-American Mexican.”

In another post with a pic of a young African-American girl, the 24-year-old wrote: “When all the kids and staff are questioning your lipstick as you flash the ‘B****, I’m cute AF’ face.’”

Another post with an image of her students playing outside said, “Field day with my little assholes that I somehow still love.”

When someone else clapped back saying “I don’t think as a teacher you are supposed to call your students little a***holes on social media,”Forostiak flippantly responded: “It is okay they are 11 going on 18 hahaha.

Yeah, publicly humiliating Black children for sport is really hilarious.

Despite Forostiak’s social media pages being private, the posts were brought to her supervisor’s attention. Mychael Dickerson, chief communications officer for Baltimore County Public Schools, recently told Mic that Forostiak has apologized and has received disciplinary action.

She’s very regretful and sorry for having posted the image and she understands it was inappropriate,” Dickerson said. “She is accepting the disciplinary action put forth by the human resources department.”

And while we don’t know what her punishment exactly entails, we do know that she has not been fired, the Baltimore Sun noted.

In the end, apology or not, this is truly unacceptable. If this is how she talks about her students, one can only wonder how she treats them in the classroom.


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