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It’s Fall. As the temperature drops our hair tends to need more moisture as the air becomes dryer and the weather conditions more harsh. We spoke with Catherine Green, licensed stylist at Blush Life Salon in Atlanta, Georgia who shares an easy haircare method to maximize your curl retention and moisture.

“The LOC method will have your curls poppin’.” ~ Catherine Green

The LOC stands for: liquid, oil, cream and is the foundation of your haircare routine on your wash day.

Mizani Products For LOC

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This method starts after you shampoo and condition your hair and with your detangling or leave in conditioner. Catherine recommends Mizani 25 Miracle Milk. “It has 25 different benefits for your hair: moisturizing, strengthening, shine, heat protectant, and more.” Wow! This one product packs a lot of power and nutrients!

“Section your hair when detangling and adding in your leave-in condition. It can be very overwhelming to deal with your afro all at once.”

After your detangle your hair, the next step is oil. You can use any of your favorite oils, but make sure it’s oils that penetrate your hair. Catherine likes coconut oil a lot. “In the salon, we use the Mizani Supreme Oil. The great thing about this oil is that it’s light weight. It won’t clog your pores or weigh your scalp down.” How often should you be oiling your scalp? Catherine suggests, “Once a week or as needed.” Beauties: don’t suffocate your hair with product!

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The last step is the cream. This is what you will use to manipulate your curls and get that uber defined twist-out or braid out. The Blush Life Salon uses the Mizani Curl Defining Pudding. Catherine says you can also use a gel, she recommends, “Mizani Twist and Coil Jelly: it leaves your hair shiny and it doesn’t flake!” This jelly has coconut oil, marula oil, and olive oil…and it’s paraben free. If you are going to use a gel, I personally recommend Madame C.J. Walker Beauty Culture Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Loosen & Strength Gel.

And I'm finally split-end free!

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Do this routine every two weeks and your hair will thank you for it. “Remember, think of your hair like a plant. You have to ‘water’ it, ‘feed it’, and take care of it.” Beauties, do any of you practice the LOC method? Take our poll below.


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