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Gennady Golovkin

Source: Stephen Dunn / Getty

On September 17, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s fought and won against one of the four Smith brothers, Liam.
Even before and most definitely after that win, the boxing world was talking about a bout against Gennady Golovkin aka GGG.The fight that is supposed to be the next big fight and it also has Canelo moving up to the Middleweight size from his Super Welterweight size too.
Since Canelo is currently recovering from an avulsion fracture in his right thumb, a fracture where the tendon or ligament pulls off a piece of the bone, this fight won’t happen until sometime in 2017.
They’ve said it before, Canelo isn’t running from the fight, but its like Golden Boy Promotion have told Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler of K2, Canelo wants a fight at the Middleweight size first.
With this in mind, Golden Boys might have Canelo fighting a Cinco de Mayo weekend fight in 2017 and then a bout against Glolovkin in the fall.
“Our position is that we’d like to do that fight [with Alvarez] as soon as possible, and to be honest with you, we’d rather have done it this past May,” Loeffler told Yahoo Sports. “But Golden Boy really wants it to be next September, so that’s what they’re working toward.”
Since Canelo isn’t going to be the next fight card for Triple G, then Loeffler is setting up his next bout against the WBA middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs for somewhere around December.
Loeffler is setting the Jacobs fight and still in talks with Golden Boys about Canelo.
“I made a formal counterproposal to Golden Boy which would guarantee Canelo not only the A-side billing in the marketing of the fight but from a financial standpoint, it would be clearly his biggest purse possible for any fight out there,” Loeffler said, “Naturally, it would also be Gennady’s biggest but I think this offer was skewed the wrong way. It was pushed as so big to Gennady, but you have to remember, at the same time, it would be Canelo’s biggest also.”
Loeffler even said that he has no interest who walks out first, who name is introduced first… the main goal is to set the fight.
“Our proposal to Golden Boy is that we would go wherever the maximum revenue would be,” Loeffler said, “We’d give them the final choice if the bids were competitive or equal. The location won’t be negatively impacted from our side. Gennady has proven he can sell out in New York, L.A. and London, so whether fight is in the Las Vegas, [Madison Square Garden], Texas, if they make a bid, we’re not going to be sticklers. Wherever the best offer is, we’re OK with.”
Loeffler also said, “We’re going to look to make the best possible fight for Gennady at each point. Our preference is to fight Canelo next. But if that’s not possible, we’ll go right down the list.”

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