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Tonight’s opener of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood set us up for the Masika/Brandi drama that’s coming. Basically, Masika met up with Max to talk business. Y’all know she’s trying to sing, so she wants to work with Max but she’s afraid that Brand will pop up out of the bushes at any minute and try to kill her for breathing in Max’s space as if everyone wants him or something.


The fellas caught wind of Safaree dating Nikki because their picture was posted up on the blogs. Safaree admitted to leaking claimed that the paparazzi “caught them out and about” and that they weren’t trying to go public.


Ray J spilled the tea that Nikki had been dating Rosa Acosta too, and also gave terrible advice (as if that’s a shocker), which was that Safaree should demand a threesome with Nikki and Rosa.

Unfortunately, Rosa Acosta trusts Nikki because they promised to be honest with each other.


Meanwhile, Nikki is trying to get to the bottom of who tipped the paparazzi off about them. She claims it wasn’t her (side eye) so it must be Safaree. We all know it was one of them, based on some notes taken by Captain Obvious, but whatevs.

Fast forward to the event that brought together Nia, Teairra Mari, Nikki and Rosa. The former ladies know about Nikki’s love triangle, but Nikki is hoping they don’t spill the beans. But then Safaree pulled up to the event where he conveniently caught Nikki and Rosa making out, and Nikki finally revealed that she had been seeing both of them. Safaree really felt some type of way and started giving Nikki the third degree. He admitted in his confessional that he fell for Nikki, but then he took Ray J’s bad advice and demanded that threesome. They both looked at him like:


Rosa Acosta definitely wasn’t impressed, and told Safaree to get to stepping. Safaree left, but he assured Rosa that his situation with Nikki ain’t over because she’ll be hitting him up. Rosa went off on Nikki after Safaree left.

Nikki may have made Love and Hip-Hop franchise history by becoming the first successful female member of the creep squad.


Finally, we get to Masika and Max’s studio session. Brandi knew about the session (but not that it was with Masika) and decided that she was going to “surprise” Max to try to make things right by showing him some of the money she’s making at the store (wait until you hear how much of it she made back, though). Brandi was shocked to find Masika there, and wasn’t feeling that situation so she started going on this rant about how Masika tried to sleep with her best friend’s husband (who is a producer) to get tracks, and how she won’t allow Masika to work with her man—once again acting like anyone but her actually wants her boo. Masika had a different story. Masika said that that producer actually demanded that she sleep with him in order to get tracks. This conversation devolved into a full on back and forth with both women getting heated. Max just sat there flustered as they argued. He tried futilely to calm them down. Eventually security grabbed Brandi who started doing the most again, and Masika chucked the deuces, looking like:


Then Brandi started screaming on Max for not having her back, and pulled out the—wait for it—$15 $stacks she made back out of the $27k, because Max is supposed to be impressed that she’s “working hard to make the money back.” Max is still turned off, though. He says it’s not about the money it’s about her lying to him and breaking his trust, and also busting up another studio session as if studio sessions are free. Translation: She lost him more money! Once again, she continued barking, and Max finally walked out on her mid-sentence.

Iyanla, fix it, please!


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