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Hate to drudge up old gossip, but this occasion warrants it.

Not too long ago, 2013 to be specific, Teyana Taylor and Rihanna were going at it like high school girls on social media. The catalyst for the internet beef was a video mocking one of Teyana’s many cover videos, this time doing Anita Baker’s “Caught Up in the Rapture”.

Homegirl can sing, but her own music has always been sparse.

Nonetheless, the Bajan beauty posted a video of her male stylist, Yusef Williams, dressed in drag imitating Teyana’s rendition for kicks and giggles. But Teyana was offended. And what went down next was a series of tweets attacking each other.

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“Petty is Petty and shade is shade,” the G.O.O.D. music artist tweeted. “B***h knew what the f**k she was doing.” Adding, “Ya net worth & ya body count go neck to neck. #IndustryPu**y.”

Rihanna, in an attempt to diffuse the situation, said, “I hate broke b**ches.” Later tweeting and deleting “I REFUSE to help your career.” And, “You will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo #iRefuse.”

But Teyana didn’t take lightly to the comment. “F**k hashtags and retweets ni**a, 140 characters in these streets ni**a. -HOV”

Well, time must be the ultimate healer because Rihanna recently sent Teyana two pairs of her new Puma boots. “Thanks for the dope ass gift Ri, I love them!! Gimme kiss!,” Teyana, now a mother-of-one, said.

We’re not sure at what point these two made up, but we’re happy it happened. There’s way too much intersectionality in the biz to beef with a peer.

So good job on growing up, ladies!


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