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Max B

There is hope for the Silver Surfer yet.

Rap legend and Harlem native Max B has been behind bars since 2009 for orchestrating an execution-style murder-robbery in a New Jersey hotel room. Fortunately, the tides have turned in Max’s favor, seeing as he could be out of prison as early as 2018.

The news about Max B’s impending release was shared via his right hand man French Montana, who posted the following:


The best possible scenario, according to French, is that Max could be out in 2 years; the worst being that he could be home in 6 years. Either way, the considerable amount of time that’s been shaved off Max’s 75-year sentence (where his expected release was previously 2042) is certainly a blessing. To accompany the good news, Max B shared a message with his fans from prison, giving some context to his situation and showing gratitude for being given a second chance at life.

“This proceeding was not a question of my guilt or innocence, but about the bad advice, poor judgment, and overall ineffectiveness of my trial attorney,” the 38-year-old said in cheerful statement.

“To all my fans that been holding it down for me all these years, still banging my music and still keeping it wavy. I love you all and Stay Wavy. Last, but certainly not least, my lovely and wonderful mother Mamaveli, I love you!”

You may be wondering, how did Max B get so lucky? Turns out, there was a conflict of interest involving Max’s former attorneys which led Bergen County Judge James Guida to re-sentence him to 20 years after he took a plea deal – switching the charge to aggravated manslaughter.

SOURCE: Pitchfork | IMAGE: Getty. Instagram

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